2016 Trends in the Heat Printing Industry

by Melissa Summers, Marketing

Last week Josh and Zach Ellsworth of Stahls’ TV hosted a live 2016 trends forecast event with their predictions for trends in apparel, decorating, and business. An Industry Ignited – Forecasting 2016 forecasts 18 trends for the coming year and is well worth a watch.

Here are a few highlights:

Athleisure Evolves

[Image from http://www.sanmar.com]
[Image from http://www.sanmar.com]
We’ve been telling you about the Athleisure market and this is a trend that will continue in 2016 according to SanMar®. We’re seeing this market advance with different styles of garments with focus on different looks made with fabric and color before any decoration is applied. Some popular looks in the retail market making their way to the Athleisure market in 2016:

• Color blocking
Dip dye/ombré
• A tailored fit


Transfer Express Stretch Litho TransfersFull Color Meets Freestanding Text

In late 2015 Stahls’ Transfer Express unveiled Stretch Litho™ Transfers and they’re a game-changer. Full-color digital detail with screen print feel and durability make them an excellent choice for a variety of garments. Being able to economically create full color logos on a variety of fabric blends make this product a profit driver for corporate and sports team sales in 2016.


Plausible Placement

Hotronix® Quick Change PlatensQuick Change platen technology continues to allow innovations in heat application on anything. From hat bills to shoes. Many of our custom platens are created for our corporate clients and the most useful are then mass produced… we’re excited to see what platens 2016 holds!



Wearables Magazine - January 2016Demand for Speed

Rush orders are the new normal! You’ve seen it in your business and Wearables Magazine agrees. This need for speed means your business has to adjust. Having a vinyl cutter in-house is one way to deal with on-demand personalization. Offering a few stock options for quick-turnaround orders is another. Consider this trend toward rush orders when planning your 2016 pricing structure so you can profitably accommodate your customers.


Looking for more trends to drive your heat printing business in 2016? Check out Josh and Zach’s An Industry Ignited – Forecasting 2016 broadcast.

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