3 tips to sell bags

3 Tips to Start Selling Custom Bags and Unlock More Profits

Diversifying your product assortment is a great way to grow your business. By offering more than just T-shirts and hoodies, you can create opportunities to expand. Consider selling custom bags. It’s a perfect way to give existing customers something new while tapping into new markets and unlocking more profit potential.

Custom bags can be your go-to accessory to grow sales, increase average order value, and build your brand. Although it’s easy to get started decorating bags, understanding the best practices is important to avoid pitfalls and better unlock your decoration potential. Whether it’s backpacks, totes, clutch bags, duffel bags, or any other type of bag, this video will help you seamlessly integrate custom bags into your apparel decoration business.

Keeping reading for a brief video summary and be sure to let us know your favorite blank bags & STAHLS’ transfers combos in the comments section!

3 Tips to Start Selling Custom Bags

These are the top tips from STAHLS’ expert Josh Ellsworth to help you understand how to choose the right bag, properly load it onto your heat press, and understand the right transfers to offer.

Tip 1: Order Bags with Purpose

Rather than generalizing by saying, “we print bags,” instead offer your customers options without overwhelming. A smart starting approach is ordering one of a few different bag styles that you think will appeal to your customer base. This way, you have physical samples that showcase your offering and demonstrate your decorating capability.

  • Identify Specific Choices
  • Know Features of Bag
  • Understand Printing Locations

Tip 2: Test Every Bag You Order

It’s important to load each bag onto your heat press. Bag styles vary, and every bag will load differently. To decorate confidently, know the locations on each bag that are safe for heat transfers. This will allow you to measure the design size for your transfers, simplifying the sales process with your customers.

Start by looking for troublesome items like seams, buttons, or zippers to recognize if heat printing accessories like print perfect pads or heat printing pillows are needed. Most importantly, using a heat press that has interchangeable platen ability like the Hotronix® line of presses will allow you to print in more locations for more profit.

Tip 3: Decide What Transfers to Offer

You may have a variety of transfers that you provide your customers, but when it comes to bags, it’s important to stick to one or two that are tried and true. A lot of bags are heat sensitive, unfortunately prone to scorching or even melting. When you are creating samples, you can test each bag’s heat sensitivity to ensure compatibility with the heat transfer’s application settings.

When selecting transfers, be sure to choose something that’s durable. Since a bag is often prone to wear and tear, you’ll want a transfer that can withstand over time. Tough HTV like Thermo-FILM® is a perfect one-color choice for most bags. CAD-PRINTZ® Perma-TWILL® is a great, classic full color option that lasts.

There are so many quality transfer options out there, so identifying three will help you simplify your customer’s ordering experience. You will create value and trust within your business through a good, better, best approach to your selling.

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