12 Shirts: A Different Way to “Trim” the Tree

by Danielle Petroskey, Marketing

12 Shirts of Christmas: Hairy Christmas
On the first shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Santa, did you get my text?” Screen Printed Transfer
On the second shirt of Christmas, we printed “North Pole” Plaid Text with Light String
On the third shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Dear Santa, I Want It All” Rhinestone Transfer

On the fourth shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Hairy Christmas” Screen Printed Transfer

While Movember is an important cause, November isn’t the only month when Mustaches are popular. Think of all the barber shops, hair salons, etc. you could be heat printing hoodies, T-shirts, aprons, etc. for, year-round.
Learn how we created this fun sweatshirt for Bob’s Barber Shop below.

Items used:
Two-color Goof Proof® custom screen printed transfer from TransferExpress.com, designed in the Easy View® designer
Easy Prints Layout # X17A-922

Hairy Christmas Screen Printed TransferTools Needed:
Heat press

Garment: Sweatshirt, T-shirt, hoodie, etc.

Tip-StockingTip: Check transfers carefully – an extra transfer is provided for testing to your quality standards.

Heat Press Settings:
Temperature: 360-370° F
Pressure: Medium/Firm (#6-8 on Hotronix heat presses)

Tip-StockingTip: These time, temperature and pressure settings are for Stahls’ Hotronix heat press machines. For heat presses other than Hotronix, set the temperature 10° hotter.

Tip-StockingTip: Set the pressure with the garment on your heat press, making sure all heavy seams, buttons, etc. are not interfering with the pressure. If there are, raise the area to be printed with a Print Perfect Pad.

Application Instructions:

• Cut the transfer into 4 pieces and apply on test material until desired results are achieved
• Place garment on lower platen and press it for 3-5 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture

Tip-StockingTip: Preheat the bottom heat press platen before applying transfer; lock the top platen down for 60 seconds. This helps the ink to flow properly during application.

• Place the transfer face-down on the garment
• Close the heat press
• Heat apply for 3-5 seconds
• Open the heat press
• Peel off the transfer paper quickly in a smooth, even motion

Watch this application video for Goof Proof® transfers.

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