The 11th Day of Heat Printing: Special Effect Materials

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

On the eleventh day of heat printing, my true love gave to me 11 special effect CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials, 10 Mini T-Shirts, 9 great ways to use customized shirts, 8 material options for Stahls’ Any Word. Any Way.™, the features of 7 vinyl cutters and print/cut systems, 6 new Pre-Cut Number fonts, five uniform decoration videos, four Fusion™ heat presses, three cover sheets, two Heat Press Caddie™ Shelves, and the #1 athletic lettering material in the world.

My customers, especially the elfish variety, just love unique garments that stand out from the crowd.  So when my true love gave to me a variety of special effect heat transfer materials, I was glowing (like CAD-CUT® Glow). These materials will certainly do the trick and make garments that elves, reindeer, and anyone else who comes in will love. Pretty soon, my shop will be giving Santa’s workshop a run for its money!

3M™ Scotchlite™ 5807 reflects vehicle headlights, making it perfect for emergency workers, joggers, kids, and anyone else who needs an extra bit of safety at night. Because of the popular reindeer game, “Dash Across the Road,” reindeer moms have been asking for this for a while.

Glitter Flake™ offers a textured glitter finish that’s very popular for fashion garments, cheer and dance uniforms, spirit wear, and elf work smocks.  Plus it looks great when used with the STAHLS’ Rip-Away Appliqué™ technique.

For a smoother glitter finish, there’s CAD-CUT Glitter. Just the other day, the elf band, “Sleigher,” came in looking for unique T-shirts to sell at their shows.  This is perfect – elves love glittery things.

With its satin finish and vivid sheen, Fashion-FILM® Electric creates exciting and unique fashion wear.  It’s just what the Penguin Book Club has been looking for to add a little pizzazz to their book fair T-shirts.

Glow, as its name suggests, glows in the dark. I already have orders from organizers of elf raves.

Several customers have wanted designs created in a prism-like material – Hologram is perfect for them!

Pebble Puff, with its textured three-dimensional finish, is perfect for the Bumble snow monsters who came in last week to order sweatshirts for this year’s Snow Festival.

With its fluorescent colors,  CAD-CUT Neon is perfect for the orders I already have coming in for the elf glow bowling league.

Fashion-REFLECT™ is available in ten reflective colors, making it great for creating unique fashion and athletic apparel, like the souvenir T-shirts for the Penguin Prance charity walk.

No matter what my customers are looking for, these special effect materials can help their concepts become reality.  Hmm, reminds me of what my friend Nick does this time of year….


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