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10 Things To Do With Thermo-FILM Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you’ve seen a jersey, chances are you’ve seen Thermo-FILM® heat transfer vinyl in action. After all, it is the world’s #1 choice when printing on athletic material. It’s made to outlast most other heat transfer vinyl on the market and it’s known for its enhanced resistance to abrasion.

It’s durable enough to withstand the day-to-day of rough activity while also remaining light and thin. This makes it the perfect heat transfer vinyl choice for when you need your print to stay put while resisting dye migration and keeping its superior opacity. It’s this combination that makes Thermo-FILM® such a popular product.

But being great on jerseys is not the only benefit to Thermo-FILM®. It can be printed on a variety of products and still look awesome. You just have to think a little outside of the box! We sat down with Emily Ebersole and Donna Fitzgerald from our training and development team to brainstorm some really creative ideas to help kickstart your next project.

1. Baby & Toddler Shirts

Make event or holiday shirts on demand. A cute and quick idea would be to have “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” made for a really sweet birth announcement photo.

2. Bags 

Whatever bag you can think about carrying, duffle bags, school bags or travel bags, a little bit of personalization goes a long way. Whether it’s adding team flair or a player name, Thermo-FILM®’s durability keeps bags looking their best no matter where you take them.

3. Pillow Covers or Cases

When a coworker broke her wrist, we decorated a pillow to help cheer her up while giving her something comfortable to rest on. Or add beautiful monograms to some throw pillow covers as a lovely wedding gift for the new Mr. & Mrs.

4. Blanket 

Personalize a blanket for your customers to take with them when they’re on the go – wherever they go! Whether they’re at a picnic, at the beach or camping, they’ll have something unique to keep them warm and dry!

5. Personalized Sun Shade 

Moms and Dads with kids in sports know how grueling it can be to sit on the sidelines in the sun for hours without shade. Well, now you can personalize a sun shade for them with their team name or logo and keep them cool all season long.

6. Fabric Insulated Coolers & Lunchbags 

This is a perfect idea for a kid’s lunchbox. My kids have somehow managed to lose 3 or 4 lunch bags at school, probably because several kids in their class have the same bags. Personalizing a lunch bag not only ensures it’s kept with its rightful owner but adds a little flair as well.

7. Canvas Camping Chairs   

My parents are campers. They camp nearly every two weeks from May to September. And they’re forever getting their chairs confused with their friend’s chairs, and it’s a nonstop rotation of camp chairs.  This year, they’re getting personalized chairs so they’ll feel like the campground royalty they are.

8. Summer Camp Fan Wear

Summertime means camp time! And camp time means t-shirt time! My daughter goes to the Boys and Girls Club summer camp every year and they have personalized shirts for each year’s theme, and sometimes they even personalize shirts for special camp events. What a great opportunity to get in on something fun, and non-sports related, but could benefit from the long-lasting durability of Thermo-FILM®.

9. Polyester Fanny Packs  

Summer concert festivals are more popular than ever, and believe it or not, fanny packs are making a huge comeback. When you’re spending all day at an outdoor concert, the last thing you want to be doing is lugging around a big purse or bag with you. Personalize fanny packs for your customers to keep their belongings where they should be, while also giving them something cool to stand out in a crowd of thousands.

10. Canvas Shoes

Thermo-FILM® is the perfect choice to use when you want to add some flair to shoes. Help your customers get into full spirit mode regalia from head to toe by adding decoration to their canvas tennis shoes or boat shoes. It’ll be a hit!

If you want to branch out from decorating jerseys and uniforms, but love working with a durable, trustworthy product like Thermo-FILM®, then hopefully this list has helped kickstart some ideas for your business. As you can see, the only limit is your imagination!

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