Pain Present with a Perk – Peggy’s Pain Pillow

by Juliet Kalmeta, Training

A broken bone is almost always unexpected and when that happens to someone you care about, you want to make them feel better. Getting them a card, balloon, and flowers will put a smile on their face, but what if you can make that smile remain throughout their recovery?

Whenever I picture someone injured, it’s usually them lying in a hospital bed with pillows propped up all around them. Whenever your ill you usually surround yourself with the fluffy comfort of pillows to make you feel more comfortable. Now that I think about it… my kids have a favorite pillow that they take with them to overnight sleepovers, so pillows must be very useful, sentimental, and important.

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes and many of them offer removable covers that can be decorated with heat transfer material. So, when my manager Peggy broke her wrist I thought about where she would put her broken wrist throughout the typical day. I knew she would want to baby it because it was a bad break… wait a minute… “baby” it! Then it came to me, the famous C-shaped pillow designed to use with babies! They sell those things everywhere and there are so many pillow case patterns to choose from, it was meant to be! So, the team and I made Peggy’s Pain Pillow.

wrist-bI created the graphic by finding an online image of a thumbs up that I could vectorize in

Then after adding some rectangle shapes and using the Shaping tools to create what looks like a bandage, I cut CAD-CUT® Thermo-FILM® because it’s the heat transfer vinyl that’s most resistant to abrasion, and I figured the cast would be quite scratchy.

I used the 8 x 10 Quick Change Platen to fit the C-shaped removable pillow case for a flat, even application surface… and VOILA!

I must say, this was the best pain present I’ve ever given and I’ll probably use the idea for future occasions that involve the famous C-shaped pillow, too!

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