Why Choose STAHLS’?

For over 90 years, STAHLS’ has paved the path for innovation in heat printing. With so many options for apparel decorators, it’s clear why they choose STAHLS’. From the highest quality products to unmatched customer service, we are the one stop shop for everything heat printers need to run a successful business. Check out what our customers have to say about STAHLS’!

Top Notch Quality

Whether you’re ordering from STAHLS’, Transfer Express, or Hotronix®, you can count on getting a product that will last. From the heat press you need to get you through the high-volume job, to the vinyl that needs to withstand tumbles and tackles, we do the work to ensure that you and your customers receive the highest quality product.

Our printing business uses the Hotronix® 360 IQ® hat press. We wanted to offer leather patches, so we wanted a press with a bottom heating element to make sure they adhere correctly, that’s why we bought it. You can run hats through one after another, and never have to worry about the adhesive not working. And you don’t get the press box on the bill or any shininess or discoloration from the press. If you’ve pressed with anything else and your patches have peeled off, this is worth the money!

Nicole N., The Rancher’s Wife

The UltraColor® MAX transfers are a game changing product for me. It allows me to do things I couldn’t do before, have quicker turnaround times for my customers, as well as service customers who don’t do volumes high enough for screen printing.

Tim L., Splash Branding

I did a job with Transfer Express and it came out amazing! It was so easy to press them on, it peels right off, and it looks like its screen printed! Just one press and peel, no clean up or mess, and they look great. You can’t beat it!


Help and Education Resources to Grow Your Business

One of the reasons so many customers choose STAHLS’ is due to all the resources we have to help your business grow. Whether it’s our YouTube channel, e-books and guides, and knowledgeable customer service reps, we make sure to have all the information you need to start or level up your business.

Don’t question it, STAHLS’ by far has the best customer service. The representatives have helped me through all sorts of questions like which vinyl to use, which vinyl not to use, and what to use it for. There’s no reason not to use STAHLS’ or Transfer Express, they’re an all-inclusive company.

Greg C., Irons in the Fire Apparel

Six months before I started my business, I started off watching YouTube videos and webinars by STAHLS’ and Transfer Express and they were really helpful!

Robert G., Fresh Design Kreations

Industry Innovating Products

As an industry leader in heat printing, STAHLS’ consistently changes the game through innovation and helps you stay relevant with trending products. When something seems impossible, we find a way to make it work to help your business succeed.

I’m a Graphic Design teacher that teaches students different aspects of design, including screen printing. We can’t afford a screen printer so we started using Transfer Express so students could print their designs on shirts. I love them because I can do full color designs without the cost being outrageous, we’re not limited to just one or two colors!

Jennifer M., Graphic Design Teacher

I do embroidery, but STAHLS’ offers Embroidered and 3D Embroidered patches. Realistically, I think it will save me a lot of time and allow me to be more efficient, as well as offer Leather and other types of patches that will allow me to expand what I can offer my customers.

Tyler L., Love’s Branding

Check out the video below to see why other customers choose STAHLS’ for their business!

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