What Problem Can We Solve?

by Debra Romalia, Director of Web Marketing

Ted Stahl addresses the GroupeSTAHL team.

Once a year, the GroupeSTAHL sales team gets together to talk about the industry, what the future holds, and what we can be doing to better serve our customers.  It’s not very often that you get 50 people with over 250 years of combined experience in the same room, and the results of these meetings are the standards of innovation and customer service that GroupeSTAHL companies strive to meet every day.

Typically in sales, the charge is simply to make more money. But not at Stahls’. Our charge is to go the extra mile to help each customer become successful in their own right. In fact, the first question asked by Ted Stahl at the sales meeting was “What problem can we solve for the customer?” GroupeSTAHL companies consider themselves assistants to the heat printing professional. By anticipating and solving their problems, as well as providing quality products, our companies treat our customers as teammates, rather than numbers.  As was mentioned at the meeting, “No team member has ever won a game by themselves.”

GroupeSTAHL was built on the principles of drive and motivation, creativity and innovation, trust and integrity, hard work and accountability, and passion and respect for both customers and competitors. It is through these principles that we work every day to meet your needs and remain the number one source for all things heat printing, and events like the recent sales meeting help emphasize that effort to every one of our employees.

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One thought on “What Problem Can We Solve?”

  1. I’m a Stahls’ account customer, NameTags of Ky., LLC.

    What you can do for me as a company, is make more and more of your products available in the “NO SEW” fashion, and expand the Sim Stitch line by 500% with more of your products.

    In this economy, we, the street level dealer, has to deal with the customers and their budgets, which can lead to a sale, or not.

    More fonts available in the various products as well.

    Your competition are offering this right now, but they both have very bad, actually CRAPPY customer service. I’d rather deal with Stahl’s, but you don’t offer what I need.

    Thanks for listening.

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