We’re Putting It All On the Table – Including Threadability

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Lay Your Heat Printing Cards on the TablePut your cards and your heat printing operation on the table with the newest Hotronix® products, the Table Top Air Fusion™ heat press and the Heat Press CounterCaddie®.

Now you can enjoy the high-tech features of the air-powered Air Fusion, even if your shop is tight on space. Featuring the Air Fusion’s innovative hands-free auto-swing, touch screen controller, Threadability™, and digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts, this new tabletop version is the perfect way to upgrade for heat printing operations that are low on floor space. Available in 110 and 220V models, the Table Top Air Fusion heat press brings the power of the Air Fusion to your shop, no matter it’s size.

If you’re looking to bring Threadability to your Hotronix Auto Clam or MAXX™ Clam heat press but don’t have additional floor space, try the new Counter Caddie. It sits on any flat counter or table workspace, allowing you to print the front and back of the same garment without re-dressing the platen. It’s space-saving design is great for operations that want Threadability, but don’t need the portability of the original Heat Press Caddie™.

And just when you thought we were done, we’ve also introduced the Hotronix Air Compressor, for use with the Air Fusion, Table Top Air Fusion, and Air Swinger heat presses.

Check out these new products today to see how you can expand your business and your output, without expanding your shop space.

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