Decorating Hats with a Heat Press

by Josh Ellsworth, General Manager, CAD-CUT® Direct

Heat Printing on CapsThere are many styles of hats that customers want to buy from you.  Many decorators are intrigued by the opportunities available to them for printing on hats but don’t know how to do it.  The problem is that screen printing hats is often difficult and embroidering them can be time consuming and expensive to get started.

In this video we discuss how heat printing with a Hotronix® Cap Heat Press and CAD-CUT heat transfer materials can present a quick, affordable, and easy way to customize a wide variety of hats in more locations than any other method.  We explore how to print on the front of visors, the bills of snapbacks, and the sides of fitted styles.  Whatever cap you want to decorate, there is a way to do it with heat printing.  Watch this 20 minute how-to tutorial that teaches you tips, tricks, and tools for adding heat-printed headwear to your sales arsenal.

Video: How to Decorate Caps with CAD-CUT

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