Vinyl Cutter Tips – Cutting Cad-Cut Thermo-FLOCK

By Juliet Kalmeta, Technical Support Specialist

Thermo-FLOCK’s fuzzy texture makes it fun to wear – but not always fun to cut. Here are some expert tips to keep you out of the rough.

Thermo-FLOCK logo on a golf towel.
Thermo-FLOCK’s velvety texture is a nice complement to certain substrates, especially this soft towel.

Cad-Cut® Thermo-FLOCK® is cut in reverse; which means you cut mirrored images through the adhesive side of the material.  To cut flock material correctly, the trick is to expose a tiny amount of blade from the blade holder (remember: about a credit card’s width or less) and use minimal force to only cut through the adhesive without scoring the Mylar carrier.

For best results, use a flock blade if you can.  They are available for the Roland GX-24, and may be available for a different cutter as well.  Flock blades have smooth surfaces so they glide through the material’s fibers nicely.

Troubleshooting Tips:

1. If your corners are lifting, check to make sure you do not have too much blade exposed and are not scoring the Mylar.

2. If it looks like the blade is skipping, make sure to perform test cuts to make sure you are cutting at just the right level, and slow down your speed for those more intricate designs.

3. If it looks like the pinch wheels of your cutter is flattening the flock in that area, it’s because it is.  You may want to perform test cuts to make sure the settings you chose for the pinch wheel area and regular area will cut efficiently or avoid that area all together.

4. Always make sure you are using a sharp blade.

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