Tip Jar Video Tutorial: All About Vinyl Cutter Blades

Ever wonder why there are so many different angles of vinyl cutter blades available?  Whether you have a Roland, GCC, Graphtec, US Cutter, Creation, Craft Robo or Mimaki this Tip Jar installment should help.

Vinyl cutters are versatile machines.  They can cut a variety of materials from standard thickness films, to foils, glitters, flocks, reflective and even sand blast materials for rhinestone templates.  As a manufacturer of a range of CAD-CUT® heat applied films we know how important making an accurate blade selection is to achieving accurately cut designs.  This week marks our first installment of the new “Tip Jar Video Series”.  Take the time to watch the video below all about blades.  While you’re here please give us some feedback in the comments section on what you would like to see in an upcoming “Tip Jar Video”.

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4 thoughts on “Tip Jar Video Tutorial: All About Vinyl Cutter Blades”

  1. Cutters for Dummies………………………

    Josh, your face is such an honest one. That is why we purchased our heat press from you sight unseen. WE LOVE it.
    Now, we think its time for a cutter. Take our business up one notch. We are small, operating our of our home, but we think we can be a full service operation.

  2. Hi Debbie – thanks for the comment and I’m so glad you’re doing well with your press and ready to take the next step. If you decide to go with the Roland GX-24 cutter we can surely help you again!!! Good Luck!

  3. Josh, I notice you mentioned the depth the blade needs to be sticking out. What results, or problems will we see if the blade is out too far?

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