Roland® CutStudio™ Plug-In Tutorial

Roland® CutStudio™ plug-in for CorelDRAW® or Adobe Illustrator®

By Juliet Kalmeta

Did you know that you can launch vector art from CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator with just one click of your mouse? It’s easy and you don’t have to waste time saving your artwork in file formats compatible with Roland CutStudio. Here’s how it works…

Installation Procedure

Note: Before installing CutStudio Plug-in, install a supported version of CorelDRAW or Illustrator in your computer.

1. Insert the Roland Software Package CD-ROM into the computer’s CD-ROM drive. An install menu appears.

Step 1
Step 1 – Install Menu
2. Click Install for either CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator. If a supported version of CorelDRAW or Illustrator is installed, the following window opens. Click OK.
Step 2
Step 2 – Click OK
3. When the installation is complete, the following window opens. Click OK to close the window.
Step 3
Step 3 – Click OK
4. Once you have installed the plug-in into CorelDRAW, you will have to add the start button to the toolbar.
Step 4
Step 4 – Corel Start Button
5. Once you have installed the plug-in into Illustrator, From the Window menu, click CutStudio Plug-in. The Roland CutStudio palette opens.
Step 5
Step 5 – Roland Palette
If you need more detailed instructions, you can easily access them by installing the Operations Manual from the Roland Software Package CD-ROM. Note: You may need an updated version of the Roland® CutStudio™ plug-in with newer versions of CorelDRAW® or Adobe Illustrator®. You can find those updates at For additional software training, check out Great Garment Graphics online tutorials and webinars.

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