Video Vault: Heat Printing Names and Numbers with Stahls’

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Nesting names for cutting reduces waste and increases profits.

This week’s video vault features a helpful lesson from Josh Ellsworth of CAD-CUT® Direct on the advantages of cutting your own names for jerseys and pairing them with Pre-Cut Numbers.

Josh explains why pre-cuts are the economical option and shows how nesting names for cutting on your vinyl cutter reduces wasted heat transfer material. He also shows how easy it is to align the name and number for printing on your heat press and covers several heat transfer material options available in pre-cuts.

As you’re decorating uniforms for spring and summer sports, keep this option in mind. For quick, easy, profitable, and great-looking results, applying Pre-Cut Numbers with names cut on your vinyl cutter is the way to go.
Video: Heat Printing Names and Numbers with Stahls’

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