Upgrade Your Looks with Special Effects

by Courtney Matlick, Stahls’ CAD-CUT Direct

While at a trade show last month, an apparel decorator stopped by our booth to look at the Hotronix® Fusion heat press, hoping that he could make the upgrade to the new machine.  The conversation made me think, who doesn’t love an upgrade? Whether you’re upgrade into first class on an airplane or to a better heat press machine to make your shop more productive, the upgrade makes you feel special.  So why don’t we use that same concept and upgrade the garments that we present to our customers  with special effects?

Each apparel decorating method has its own range of special effects that are available and of course, the CAD-CUT® heat transfer material line-up is no stranger to unique special effects.  In fact, there are currently 15 different special effect heat transfer materials available for your vinyl cutter from bling to 3D effects and even one that glows in the dark. The video below will walk you through each of the materials and show you how they can fit into your business to help you increase sales.

Oh, and the best thing about selling an upgraded garment? You can sell it at an upgraded, premium price, making more money on every sale. Now- sit back and enjoy the special effects heat transfer material tour!

Stahls’ CAD-CUT Heat Transfer Vinyl Sample Review

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6 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Looks with Special Effects”

  1. Can you redo this video without reference to Stahls? Then we can post it on our page as a testament to what we can do. Of course, when we get the order, we will come to Stahl’s to fill the order.

  2. Or…can we get samples of each of these applications in the video that we can use to show off to our customers or create our own video?

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