5 Easy Ways to Order

by Jodi Weiler, Marketing

The New Pre-Spaced Ordering System

David Bowie sang about cha-cha-cha-changes. REO Speedwagon reminds us to “roll with the changes”. Spring sports season is here and teams are calling with their name and number orders. You have gathered your order, are short on time, and want to get online to place the order quickly and notice that the way to order our Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers has changed (and you hear a Scooby-Doo voice in your head saying “Huh? Ruh-roh!”). We want you to know that we have redesigned our website with you in mind, so that new decorators entering the business and pros who are already established can place their orders with ease. Some of the new features are:

1. Style Preview – You can enter the player name and see it rendered in available fonts.

2. Color Preview –You can view the name in available colors of each heat transfer material.

3. Name your list – Keep your rosters organized so you can edit in your shopping cart and on your invoice.

4. Upload a list – Organize your roster on an Excel spreadsheet or in .csv format and upload the file or simply cut and paste from a document.  This time saver will eliminate the need to enter individual names line-by-line, although that option is also available.

5. List/Design Views – If you order with us regularly and know exactly what you need, List View offers a quick method with simple dropdown.   If you are new to the site or want to view changes as you making your selection, Design View offers step-by-step ordering.

We have included a short video, highlighting the newest features of the site. Enjoy!  In the words of Van Halen, “Change….and then you hit the ground running.”

Tutorial: Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers Ordering System

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