Latest Trends in Fashion Today: Unique Designs

Are you up on the latest fashion trends?

by Paul Sabatini


Unique Designs


If you have a heat press your customers are most likely asking for unique designs such as alternative, edgy and grunge looks instead of the traditional straight cut, crisp line designs. This is the latest trend in fashion today.  With more and more of the professional teams offering a vintage look on some of their uniforms and apparel, the requests from your customers will only continue to rise.

Your  customers drive the demand and  Stahls’ will  help keep you up to date with these fashion trends:

The style Splatter in our Any Word. Any Way.™ is a grunge-style-looking graphic.  This is a CAD-CUT® product which means it comes to you pre-spaced, on a carrier, for easy application. You can also pair our Poly-TWILL™ with Felt to achieve a vintage look on sweatshirts or jackets.  This can be ordered as an Any Word. Any Way.™ design or if you have your own artwork it can be done as a Custom Design.

A uniquely placed design can also be considered alternative or edgy.

I hope that the 4 part series has given you some ideas and also informed you of the latest trends in our industry.

This entry concludes the 4 part series on the latest trends in the market today.   Thanks for following them over the past weeks.

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