Top 10 Questions for Emblems & Patches

We just hosted a webinar where our STAHLS’ expert Alison spoke about how to get started with heat applied emblems and patches. We had a lot of great questions during the webinar, so we decided to create the Top 10 Questions for Emblems & Patches. Enjoy!

Do these need to be sewn?

Nope! That’s the great part about our newest line of emblems and patches. They are all applied with only a heat press. Or you can order pressure sensitive which applies just like a sticker and will stick to a smooth surface.

What are the minimums for FlexStyle®, Leather Patches, and 3D Embroidered Patches?

The minimum is 25 pieces. You can’t mix/match different emblem types or patches to meet the minimum requirement (sorry!).

What type of artwork file do I need to send to you?

There are no art requirements, only recommendations. Vector artwork is always preferred; however, raster images can be used. For best results, we recommend raster images with resolution of 150 dpi or higher at requested emblem size.

textured emblem
FlexStyle® Textured Emblem

Does your art department decide the texture?

Yes, our artists are experts in choosing textures that will complement the artwork. They have been known to develop a new texture for a design if it warrants it. If specific textures are requested, the artist will make every attempt to honor the requests adhering to printing specifications for the product.

What is the minimum that makes the most financial sense?

The higher the quantity the better the per piece price will be. There are substantial price drops per piece at the 50- and 100-piece price breaks.

What is the best way to heat apply the patches and emblems?

The best method of heat application for any dimensional emblem is with top and bottom heat.  Employing a lower heated platen and heating from the adhesive side of the patch ensures a good bond, reduces the top heat to eliminate flattening, and reduces the potential for scorching heat sensitive fabrics. <watch video https://www.stahls.com/play-video?id=xdRtp0B1PNs>

Will these work on a 6-panel cap? Any issues going over the seams?

Yes, they will work and there no issues with over the seam application. Due to the dimension, they hold up well over seams with little visibility.

Any special washing/drying for these?

FlexStyle and Embroidered Emblems wash instructions are – machine wash cold and hang dry.

Leather Patches – Leather will warp and distress with laundering. If washing is required, we recommend delicate treatment—hand wash and line dry is preferred to retain shape and finish.

How can I get samples?

This is a product you have to show customers for them to want to order it. Free applied samples are available, or you can order the FlexStyle Starter Kit which comes with 4 unapplied samples and the orange pad so you can heat apply them yourself.

Order Free Samples
Order FlexStyle Starter Kit

How can I watch the replay?

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Questions for Emblems & Patches”

  1. Hi Jacqueline. It’s possible, but the more fabric you have behind the transfer the better, this allows the adhesive to bond with more fibers and strengthen the adhesion. We recommend testing on the mesh area to see how durable the application is. You can order samples to test here – https://www.stahls.com/custom-digital-samples. Thanks for reaching out!

  2. Hi Nichole. We provide the application settings for time, temperature, and pressure, as well as fabric compatibility and care instructions. Following those settings will ensure proper adhesion. Of course, you can always test the bond after letting the transfer cure to the garment for 24 hours.

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