A New Dimension in Logos – Introducing 3D Embroidered Patches

It’s no secret emblems and patches add value to apparel, hats, and hard goods. With their premium finishes and unmatched details and dimension, these products allow you to take your customer’s logos and designs to the next level. All you need is a heat press.

We’ve added another product to the dimensional lineup: 3D Embroidered Patches.

These high-end embroidered patches have a dimensional effect and are the perfect choice when decorating hats and heavier apparel like outwear, or hard goods with smooth and flat surfaces. Best of all, these patches provide the classic look of embroidery without threading a needle or buying new equipment.

Choose from over 80 thread and 30 background colors, with up to 6 colors per patch. With low minimums, simplified online ordering and heat applied or pressure-sensitive options, it’s easy to create bold and dimensional looks for any job with 3D Embroidered Patches.

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  1. We maintain a large clientele of national and international businesses from cross-industries including marketing agencies, promotional companies, sports teams, and other companies with the bespoke cheap custom patches at affordable rates with custom patches no minimum requirement.

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