Tip Jar: Decorating a Cinch Pack

Tips for Decorating a Cinch Pack

by Courtney Matlick

A few weeks back we began asking our Tip Jar viewers for their suggestions on how we can help them make more money. Whether that would be decorating tips and ideas or ways to be more efficient in production, the suggestions have been pouring in.

Surprisingly, many of our viewers asked a similar question and expressed their frustration when decorating those neat little, inexpensive cinch packs.  I love these bags and think they are a great product to use as an add-on with your current customers so I’d be happy to help you all out with this one!

Check out our tips below a we decorate a nylon cinch pack with our Hotronix® Fusion, a vinyl cutter, and two of our CAD-CUT® heat applied films, 3M™ Reflective and Gorilla Grip®II.

And as always, if you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to speak up.

Happy Decorating!

Video: Custom Decorated Cinch Pack


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4 thoughts on “Tip Jar: Decorating a Cinch Pack”

  1. Thanks for the tip Courtney. When you pressed the name on the back of the pack, did you get any creases from the edges of the platen? I threaded some packs I was pressing and got some creases. Could it be a pressure issue. I tried to keep the pressure at the setting per the instructions.

  2. Hi Tim! Glad you liked it!
    We did notice some creases when we thread the cinch pack but none when we used the Teflon Pillow like the first application. We kept the pressure the same as the recommendations for both materials.
    I’d recommend always using the Teflon Pillow and that should solve your problem. 🙂

  3. Our pillow is approximately 8-9″ square. Do they come in different sizes? The pillow fit some of the packs I pressed but was too large for some of the smaller ones.

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