TIP JAR: Calculating CAD-CUT® heat applied film costs.

by Courtney Matlick

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend and present at the ISS show in sunny Orlando.  While at the show, I noticed a lot of attendees had the same question when looking to purchase our CAD-CUT® heat applied film for their vinyl cutter– “How do I know what the design is going to cost me?”

This seems to be the age old question when it comes to apparel decorating.  With over 20 different CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to decide which material is the right one.  So to make your life easier (and mine, of course.) I created an Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate your cost for each of our CAD-CUT® materials. My hopes are that with this spreadsheet, you will be able to easily choose the right material for your job and win more bids.

Check it out below- It’s so easy to use.  Simply find the CAD-CUT® Material you would like to use, and complete the highlighted fields to calculate the cost.  Of course, you have to include other costs such as labor and garment cost to get the entire cost of the garment you are decorating, but this helps to determine which material is right for the job.

Click here to download this spreadsheet.


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