Tip Jar – CAD-CUT® Airflow™ Let’s You Breathe

Hope all of our readers had a great New Year and a Merry Christmas!

We’re back with our weekly Tip Jar post. In this edition we highlight a new heat transfer vinyl product that just hit the CAD-CUT materials line up called CAD-CUT Airflow.

CAD-CUT Airflow is a pretty cool material in that it actually has holes perforated through it when you receive it in…it looks like a mesh film. If you’ve been following my blog over at JoshEllsworth.com or attended the Great Garment Graphics webinar back in July and/or August about decorating jerseys with the latest looks you may have seen this one coming:)

The trend is lighter, lighter, lighter. From the fabric itself, to the numbering and lettering – athletes are demanding lightweight constructions. Nike addressed this with their System of Dress uniforms for Team USA this past summer and for their Pro Combat stylings that showed up in the very first NCAA Football game this year – here was the blog post in case you missed it: Uniforms Show Up in Boise State vs VA Tech Game

Anyway, everything for athletics is going lighter.  Seeing this in the field, we went to our product development experts and communicated it – a little time passes – a little more time – – – – and out rolls CAD-CUT Airflow a short time later.

Check out the video below on this exciting new product…its the perfect solution for micro mesh or polyester knit athletic fabrics. Oh and please take the time to welcome Courtney Matlick to our team in the position of Business Development! You’ll be seeing her on this video, and many more to come.

Thanks for reading and hop on over to Ted Stahl’s blog to read some other predictions that may impact your business this year!

Good Luck as we venture into 2011!


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