Tip Jar: CAD-CUT® AirFlow™ for Special Effects

by Courtney Matlick, CAD-CUT Direct

Have you ever heard someone say that your next great idea could be “right under your nose”? Well, that is the theme of this week’s Tip Jar.  We created CAD-CUT® AirFlow™ as the answer to  lightweight athletic apparel’s prayers and wound up with a unique special effect when we layered Airflow over another media.

Watch as we mix AirFlow™ heat transfer material with CAD-CUT® Neon to make an interesting multi-color effect.  We also add in a little Glitter Flake to pull together the whole design.

Now, get those creative juices flowing…What other possibilities can you see with CAD-CUT® AirFlow™ and a heat press?

Cheer Tank with CAD-CUT® AirFlow™

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