Heat Printing Accessories

by Juliet Kalmeta

Heat Printing Accessories
Heat Printing Accessories

Are you looking for tips and tricks to successfully heat apply pre-cut letters and numbers to your garments?  Stahls’ ID Direct has many heat printing accessories to help you through the process!

Cardboard Layout Templates come in various sizes to help you evenly layout your letters and numbers on a straight or arced path.

Thermo-Tape is a heat resistant tape that holds your letters and numbers in place on the garment.  You’ll want to heat press the letters and numbers with the tape for a few seconds, to keep them in place. Then after removing the tape, heat-seal the letters and numbers for the remaining amount of application time.  There is also a Tape Dispenser available for easy storage and use!

6 Mil Reusable Cover Sheets are our most popular cover sheet. They protect the letters and numbers from being heat applied to the upper heating element of your heat press machine.  It also leaves a nice finish on the letters and numbers, protects the garment, and upper platen from dirt & dyes, and is reusable.  We also offer Kraft Paper Cover Sheets that are used for the same purpose as the reusable cover sheets, but the Kraft Paper helps reduce static build up while heat applying our Cad-Cut® Materials and leaves a matte finish.

Heat Printing Pillows and Print Perfect Pads create a flat even surface for equal temperature and pressure throughout the heat transfer. They’re helpful when you’re heat-applying decoration on those ever-so-popular items that include buttons, heavy seams, and zippers!

Pre-cut Letters and Numbers come in a variety of heat transfer vinyls for all the different types of apparel out there!

Sports apparel:



Performance apparel:

Gorilla Grip® II




Acrylic Felt

Special Effects:


3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective

We post all of our application instructions at stahlsid.com.

We’d love to know how you are using our accessories…Please share in the comments section. Thanks!

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