Perk Up Your Profits: The Bow-Wow on Pet Apparel.

by Paul Sabatini, Marketing Support

Profit with Pet Apparel
Profit with Pet Apparel

Did you know that the pet apparel industry was estimated at $45.4 billion for 2009? Yes, that’s billion. With a b. That’s nothing to bark at.

In a recent product showcase in Wearables magazine they identified some of the items that are popular for pet owners.   If you look at the garments and accessories being shown all of them can be personalized.  Just think of how much more of a profit you can make! All you need is a heat press.

Providing this service for your business will bring in another customer base for you.  We all know that you can’t grow without new customers.   The Profit with Pet Personalization video shows how quick and simple it is to provide this service to your new customer base.  I have also included some pictures that show you the many items that can be decorated.  We also have a Pet Personalization package that can be ordered from Stahls’ ID Direct.  It includes everything you need to get started with for your new revenue stream.

Helpful tip: Have many pet related items showcased and personalized located in your shop.  Anytime you have a customer come in, ask them if they (or someone they know) have a pet.Then show them the items you have, they’ll want to come in to have their pet’s apparel decorated or bring in their friends or buy a gift.  A great way to show that you offer this service is with CAD-PRINTZ™ wall graphics.  In the image above, you can see that the dogs head indicates Pet Personalization on the Spot.

Another great tip – this would go for all of your decorating business-  Apply a small logo on the inside of each of your garments using CAD-PRINTZ™ Digital Transfers.  Include your company name, phone number and web address.

Do you decorate pet apparel? We’d like to hear from you! Please use the comments section.

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