Tip Jar: Branding your Garments with Heat Transfer Materials

by Courtney Matlick, CAD-CUT® Direct

How many times have you seen someone wearing an amazing shirt that you just had to have? Naturally, the only sensible thing to do would be to ask the total stranger where they got the garment. Being a somewhat shy person, I have to say I’ve never been thrilled about going up to a stranger to ask that question. Luckily, some companies like American Eagle or Nike make it easy for me to get the answer by putting their logo on the garment in unique spots. This not only saves me the trouble, but also serves as a great marketing tool for the company.

Heat printing your logo onto garments you have produced, with heat transfer materials, is a great way to get your company name out there. But remember; while adding your company name to the shirt can be a great marketing tool, no customer wants to be a walking billboard for you.  Therefore, you will have to find a balance and add your brand in a subtle way.

In this week’s video, we’ll show you two ways you can heat apply and place your logo on t-shirts for added branding without scaring away your customers.

How are you identifying your brand with the garments you sell?

Video: Branding Your Garments With Heat Transfer Materials

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One thought on “Tip Jar: Branding your Garments with Heat Transfer Materials”

  1. i tried the back one many times, in the same way u guys are doing but i was always faced with critisism, no client likes that.
    or at least my clients dont
    good day

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