How to Maximize Heat Transfer Material Scraps

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Ever notice how much stuff we waste on a daily basis?  Whether it’s paper towels, sheets of paper, or leftover food, we throw away a lot of stuff that doesn’t need to be discarded.  Heck, we actually buy special (and fairly expensive) plastic bags to use to throw away all the stuff we’re wasting.

I’m the type who re-uses paper towels (dry your hands with it once, clean up a spill with it later), shopping bags, and even nails and screws. Some people think I’m an environmentalist but in reality I’m just thrifty (others may call it cheap, but I pay no attention to them).  If I can reuse something, I hate to waste money by throwing it away.

And so this video caught my eye.  If you own a Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter and hate to waste heat transfer materials paid for with your hard-earned dollars, then this video is for you.  In it you’ll see how to cut heat transfers from scrap material with a GX-24, thus reducing cost and material waste.



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