Think Spring with Full Color Digital Transfers

By Paul Sabatini, Marketing

Start planning now for baseball season.

I know we are still in winter, but I am thinking spring right now…especially with the lack of snow we have received, here in Michigan.

Baseball and softball will be upon us before we know it and I wanted to touch on some items that I think can help generate extra sales for you. When you fill your order you have the standard equipment and the standard decoration that you need to perform. Now let’s throw on the add-on sales.

Don’t stop at just decorating jerseys and hats. With full color digital transfers you can decorate the player from head to toe. Nowadays most players have their own bat and, in some cases, their own helmet. Offer custom stickers for this equipment. A circular sticker with a centered player number can be placed on the bottom of the bat knob. Helmet numbers can be applied to the back or front of the helmet bill. This is usually dependent to the team preference.

You can also speak with the team manager about decorating helmet logos as well. Who wants to wear a plain helmet?  Push them to look more professional with a logo on the front of the helmet.

Let’s not forget about the parents. Include some package stuffers with each uniform set you provide.  Some great fan items are window decals or bumper stickers. How many times do you see a vehicle with a team name in the back corner of the window? If you do not have the time to create the artwork, check out our quick decals – there are many template designs to choose from.

So as spring comes, bringing baseball and softball season with it, be sure to suggest these options to your customers. They’ll have great-looking uniforms and you’ll have higher sales.

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