The I’s Have It

From I, Claudius, to I, Robot, to I, Frankenstein, there have been a lot of great (and not-so-great) self-centered works of fiction. Another “I” work, though, is completely real and exists to help you – iPowerhouse number fonts.

This week’s Number Style of the Week is actually a two-for-one deal, but we’re not renaming it “wePowerhouse.”  The “i” stands for “interactive,” because iPowerhouse Left and iPowerhouse Right Pre-Cut Numbers can be combined to create shaped jersey numbers. As you’ll see in the picture below, the “8” in iPowerhouse Left, when paired with the “5” in iPowerhouse Right, creates a unique number design, adding an element of depth to the football jersey.

All in all, each of our interactive number styles (iPowerhouse, iViper, and iGuardian) can be combined in four ways: right/right, left/left, right left, left/right. Learn more about these innovative number designs (and see all the combinations) in this post introducing Stahls’ interactive number styles.

Get yours today and create cool, unique jerseys for your customers.

Number Style of the Week: iPowerhouse

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