The Heat Printing 6th Day of Christmas

The Heat Printing Twelve Days of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas (and the first night of Chanukah), my true love gave to me… 6 reasons to attend Great Garment Graphics webinars in 2012!

1. Even if you’re not a construction worker,  Great Garment Graphics webinars will give you tips on building your business.  Whether you’re new to heat printing or have an established business, our webinars offer helpful advice on marketing, sales strategies, and more.

2. There’s no homework.  But there are demonstrations on how to use various software products and how to utilize them to your advantage.

3. Learning is fun! We’ll show you how to use heat presses, vinyl cutters, and other hardware and share tips and techniques that will keep your product offerings fresh and innovative.

4. They’re free! It’s like taking a heat printing course without having to pay for it. And I love free stuff.

5. You’ll find the latest news and trends in the apparel decoration industry, helping to keep your business on the cutting edge. Sliiiice!

6. How-to sessions on application of various heat transfer materials, as well as ways to use them to create eye-catching designs.


Then, on the fifth day of Christmas…

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