The Heat Printing 2nd Day of Christmas

The Heat Printing Twelve Days of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 2 heat presses in one – the Hotronix Fusion!


I’ve really been in need of a new heat press. I tend to treat my machines rather harshly, and the quality of my cooking… I mean heat printing, has suffered. Well, apparently my true love intercepted my letter to Santa asking for either a new draw press or a new swinger, because just when I thought he couldn’t top himself, he didn’t settle for just one gift, he gave me two in one.  The Hotronix® Fusion™ is both a draw and a swing-away press in one, making it the only heat press with a patented dual function. This is perfect for me, as I usually can’t make up my mind. But now I can draw when I feel like drawing, and swing when I feel like swinging.  Heck, I could even alternate between the two as I fulfill large orders. I feel like a brand-new me!

No more buttons for me! The Fusion also features exclusive touch screen technology. With it, I can store preset settings, making it even easier to apply the different heat transfer materials I use. It also eliminates the guesswork from my decorating with digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts. Yes, you heard me right, there’s a digital pressure readout. I feel like I’ve entered the space age.

In addition to the bells and whistles mentioned above, the interchangeable platens my true love gave me yesterday can be used on the Fusion. And the dual swinger/draw functionality always gives me a heat-free workspace. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!

If anything goes wrong, it also comes with a premier warranty – a lifetime heating element warranty, five years on all major components, and two years on all other components. I’m really not worried about that, though, given the Fusion’s durable construction.

After all those years of the same tired birds, maids, and leapers, my true love is finally getting me what I want. With all of the wonderful gifts he’s already given me, I can’t imagine what I’ll get tomorrow.

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