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The Class of the Field

By Jodi Weiler, Marketing

It’s not easy being the best.  Success means hard work and determination, even when you are born into it. Getting there is never easy, even though you make it appear so, and once there, you must stay light on your feet and work harder than the competition. We build machines with you in mind – the heat presses that make your job effortless and that you have come to rely on day after day.  Just like the all-time boxing greats, Stahls’ Hotronix® heat presses own the birthright to greatness. One thing about being best: to stay on top, each time you enter the ring you must be faster, stronger, and more determined than the last, and you can never, ever give up. There have been others who have stepped into the ring, but in each class we remember the best, the ones who have stood the test of time. When referring to our family of heat presses, they come to mind, each unique to his class.

Willie Pepp was the #1 featherweight of all time.  He was nicknamed “Will O’ the Wisp” and this could not describe the Hotronix Cap heat press any better. It has a portable, space-saving design, light-as-air auto-open feature, and interchangeable platens, giving you the ability to press any cap style.  It is also a jack of all trades since you can apply to left chest, hip, backside, and sleeves.

Like Benny Leonard, the Hotronix Auto Clam heat press is the superstar of the lightweights.  Both are known for their speed, technique, and ability to think fast on their feet. The Auto Clam’s patented auto-open feature allows you to watch your shop without fear of over-applied garments.  Digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts give you accuracy so you can always hit your mark.

When Ray Charles Leonard was first seen at the Olympic boxing trials, US assistant coach Sarge Johnson grinned and said, “That kid…is sweet as sugar,” giving “Sugar Ray” the nickname that would follow him to this day. Likewise, when the Hotronix Fusion heat press premiered in Atlantic City two years ago, the sweet sound of shock and awe rang throughout the industry.  The Fusion emerged with an uppercut as the only heat press in the world to offer a swing/draw design and EZ-On bottom platens with the turn of a pin. It also set the bar for innovation with its unprecedented Touch Screen Technology. The Fusion and Sugar Ray, each the best in his class, are feared and revered by all who hear their names.

Just when you think you are the ultimate piece of machinery, someone new arrives in the ring – a real heavyweight. He’s bigger, more agile, works harder, and those that have the opportunity to see him know deep down that they have never seen anything like it before. That is what happened when Joe Louis, aka “The Brown Bomber” entered the world of boxing.  He, like the Hotronix family of heat presses, embodies the term “Made in the USA”. Both are icons of pride, honesty, durability, and integrity.  A new era of greatness is upon us.  The Joe Louis of heat printing is pumped up and  ready to come out of the locker room and reveal itself.   At ISS Atlantic City, March 9-11, Hotronix will introduce a new class to our family of presses – The Heavy Hitter.  Get ready, fans, because once you see this powerhouse, you won’t know what hit you.

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