• Get Into the Game with Team Sets

    Get Into the Game with Team Sets

    Learn how Stahls' Team Sets can help you get into the uniform customization game.

  • 5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

  • Heat Printing Hats

    Heat Printing Hats

    Heat Printing Hats

dye migration

5 Simple Tips For Successful Heat Printing

top 5 heat printing tips

by Peggy Elliott, Training It’s easy to successfully heat print all kinds of apparel and accessories no matter what they’re made out of, provided you follow some simple guidelines. Here’s what you need to know to create high quality products for your customers. 1. Reduce dye migration with lower application… read more

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Avoid Dye Migration with CAD-CUT Thermo-FILM

Dye Migration

by Courtney Matlick, Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Direct A comparison shot – The design on the left applied properly while the one on the right allowed black dye to migrate through the heat transfer material. While visiting my local gym last week, I came across a fellow member wearing a maroon shirt… read more

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Thermo-FILM – Avoid Dye Migration

Thermo-FILM on Polyester Jersey

by Courtney Matlick, CAD-CUT Direct Imagine the scenario: It’s the day before a job deadline and you’re at your heat press, applying white numbers on the red polyester jersey of your customer’s choice.  You finally make it through the entire team only to find that some of the numbers have… read more

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(Dye) Migration is for the Birds

Dye Migration

Prevent Dye Migration with Thermo-FILM

by Mary Castelli, Marketing Most screen printers have encountered dye migration or “bleeding” issues at some point during their careers. This unappealing discoloration can occur several hours, days, or even weeks after screen printing polyester jerseys or apparel. Imagine the embarrassment of trying to explain why the once white logo,… read more

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