SuperTEK Sublistop printable heat transfer vinyl

Avoid Dye Migration in Sublimated Garments

Sublimated polyester sports jerseys and performance apparel are everywhere. From the soccer field to the grocery store these garments are popular. As heat printing decorators we know these sublimated garments and accessories can present some challenges. Polyester dye migration and scorch marks aren’t uncommon when working with these fabrics.

Read more about dye migration in the Dye Migration Handbook.

But just as the technology behind these fabrics is constantly changing – decorating technology continues to evolve and change. CAD-COLOR® Super-TEK® Sublistop printable heat transfer vinyl is one of those advances designed to handle performance wear, sublimated, or polyester dye-saturated apparel and accessories while inhibiting dye migration.

Want more information on decorating performance wear? Download the free Performance Wear Handbook.

Sublistop is an advanced product designed for these garments so you can provide full color decoration that’s light, with good stretch and rebound on a variety of fabrics. With our proprietary ONYX STiX2™ Adhesive – this heat transfer vinyl sticks to just about anything and an innovative charcoal-based liner helps to inhibit dye migration while maintaining light weight and a soft hand.

The designs you create with your print/cut machine will keep their original color with no bleed-through from the substrate.

Stop Dye Migration

Remember moisture-wicking, stretchable garments are desirable on the athletic field and in everyday life. Today you’re just a likely to see these fabrics in your company’s conference room as you are at the gym. From technical polo shirts to soft-shell jackets, employers are increasingly outfitting their employees in garments that keep them cool, dry, and comfortable.

Whether your customers are performing on the field or in the office, Super-TEK® Sublistop printable heat transfer vinyl is essential so you can decorate whatever comes your way with confidence.

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2 thoughts on “Avoid Dye Migration in Sublimated Garments”

  1. Is it possible to get samples of the Super-TEK® Sublistop™ printable heat transfer so that I can test on our end to see how it holds up to our manufacturing process and materials?

  2. Please call 800-478-2457 to speak to one of our representatives who will be glad to speak to you about Super-TEK® Sublistop™ and discuss options for getting you a sample.

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