Get This Look: Iridescent Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Are you looking for something new to customers who want a little shimmer and shine to their gear? We’ve got just what you need: CAD-CUT® Chroma Bling Heat Transfer Vinyl.  Chroma Bling is an iridescent heat transfer vinyl that gives a shiny, metallic, sparkly look that changes color in the light. The material is semi-transparent, allowing it to take on color properties of the fabric it is heat applied to. How cool is that?! This Get This Look shows you how to create a look that is sure to turn heads.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Equipment: Vinyl Cutter and a Heat Press Machine
Garment: Kavio! Infants Sheer Jersey Raw Edge Scoop Neck
Cold Shoulder Short Sleeves, Style IJP0686
Materials: CAD-CUT® Chroma Bling, Blue Shift
CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM®, Amethyst and White

Watch the video or download the PDF guide with step by step instructions for creating this design.

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