Subtle Gloss Designs Gaining Popularity

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Note the glossy Viking ship design on the front of the shoulder. [Image from]
In late 2013 and early 2014 we showcased the Olympic hockey jerseys of the United States, Canada, and Russia. All of the newly-designed jerseys featured faux lacing on the neckline and several included tone-on-tone glossy accents. Both the accent designs (stars on the American jersey, maple leaves on the Canadian, and a Viking ship on the Swedish) and the imitation laces were the continuation of a recent trend of placing subtle “watermark” design elements which typically give a glossy sheen to areas of the jersey, but are visible only from certain angles.

Oregon’s 2012 Rose Bowl jersey with gloss wing shoulder design. [Image from]
University of Oregon football uniforms are an excellent example of this trend. For several years the Ducks’ jerseys have featured a wing design on the shoulders. Some versions have black wings on a yellow jersey, or silver wings on a black jersey, but the team’s special 2012 Rose Bowl uniforms featured a glossy green wing design on matte green jerseys.

Other recent uniforms, like the ones the Jacksonville Jaguars introduced last year, employ glossy tone-on-tone elements on a matte jersey. And while some uniform traditionalists might not like it, this trend is popular in the present and at least the near future.

Stahls' SuperTEK Gloss Clear
Achieve the gloss accent look, like the flames on this jersey’s shoulders, with Stahls’ SuperTEK® Gloss Clear

Now, you might be asking, “How can I get this popular look on football, hockey, and other jerseys, as well as fashion apparel?” Funny you should ask! Brand-new Stahls’ CAD-COLOR® SuperTEK® Gloss Clear printable heat transfer material is perfect for creating the wet, glossy look.

Stahls’ TEK™ printable heat transfer materials are designed for performance garments. They’re stretchable with great rebound and, thanks to patented STiX2™ adhesive, they apply at low temperatures, allowing you to decorate technical fabrics like nylon and Lycra®/spandex without damaging or scorching the garment.

When cut without printing, SuperTEK Gloss Clear can be applied to performance wear and athletic jerseys to achieve the tone-on-tone “wet” look. As its name implies, Gloss Clear is clear with a gloss finish, allowing the base garment to show through with a glossy sheen. And it can be layered with other heat transfer materials to create truly unique gloss-accented designs for all types of garments.

So there you have it. Whether you’re looking for a printable heat transfer material to print vibrant, glossy designs or to replicate the “liquid glass” look that’s so popular these days, SuperTEK® Gloss Clear fits your needs.

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