Sublimate Glitter Flake for Full Color Sparkle

by Courtney Kubitza, Stahls’ TV

Sublimated Glitter Flake Bow

This bow is made with sublimated CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ heat transfer material. Dye sublimation. This technology is just one of the many buzzwords being discussed in the apparel decorating industry. It has an unique ability to add soft, full color effects to garments. The technology is already starting to change the way decorators print polyester fabrics and other items offered by blank suppliers.

Another way this unique technology is changing the game is by giving decorators the tools needed to create vibrant glitter logos with full color images and patterns. That’s right: Full Color & Glitter – together! As for me, a bling and glitter enthusiast, this is one of most exciting things I have learned since Stahls’ launched CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ heat transfer material in 2010.

And it gets even better: the process to sublimate Glitter Flake is simple & easy.

Simply grab a roll of CAD-CUT Glitter Flake in light shades such as White, Silver, Hologram Silver, or Fluorescent Yellow, and cut a design (or order a Custom Cut transfer). You’ll also need a sublimation transfer for the print (either print your own or order a CAD-PRINTZ® full color sublimation transfer).

How to Heat Press your Glitter Flake and Sublimation Transfers, Step by Step:

1. Heat up your heat press to the application temperature of your sublimation transfer (hint: it’s typically 375-400 degrees).

2. Tack down your Glitter Flake transfer for 2 seconds and remove the plastic carrier.

3. Align your sublimation transfer over the Glitter Flake transfer and apply for the recommended application.

4. Remove the transfer paper & that’s it – beautiful, vibrant full color logos with a splash of sparkle.

Check out the video below for a step-by-step demonstration of this process and a secret “off the garment” method that allows you to print heat-sensitive fabrics or decorate on-demand at events with Sublimated Glitter Flake.

Video: How to Sublimate CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ Heat Transfer Vinyl

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2 thoughts on “Sublimate Glitter Flake for Full Color Sparkle”

  1. Is there any instruction on how to order the sublimation transfer for a bow from the CAD-PRINTZ? For example the height and width, or which type of sublimation to get? Just wondering…..

  2. Hi Garcia,

    We recommend using CAD-PRINTZ® Sublimation Transfers for use on Glitter Flake™. And here’s Courtney’s advice on sizing:
    Always make your sublimation transfer a little larger than your Glitter Flake piece/ribbon to allow for easy alignment.

    For a larger, Spiritwear bow, the Glitter Flake piece will be 3” x 32”. I’d recommend ordering the sublimation transfer for this in 2 pieces to easily line it up on the heat press (since the platen is only 16×20). Each sublimation transfer would be 3.5” Wide x 17” Tall, giving you a total sublimation transfer of 3.5”x34”.

    For a smaller bowtie bow, the Glitter Flake piece will be 1.5” x 8”. So I would make the sublimation transfer 1.75” W x 10” Tall

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