Great Dane Graphics New Stock Art 2-16-16

New Great Dane Graphics Stock Art 2/15/16

Great Dane Graphics New Stock Art 2-16-16

Cowgirls and cleaners, pool, tools, and a wolf. What do these things have in common? They’re all part of this week’s new artwork on

Each week Great Dane Graphics adds five new pieces of stock art to its already impressive collection. Each design has versions maximized for screen printing, digital printing, inkjet/laser printing, printing/cutting, and vinyl cutting.

For one low subscription price you can download up to 200 of these files per month – and all images are royalty-free. Go to to check out the wide variety of stock art available, and be sure to check back each week for the latest additions.


Cowgirl-Horseshoe       D-4112 – Cowgirl Horsehoe
D-4063 Wolf Stare       D-4063 – Wolf Stare
D-4065 Dry Cleaner       D-4065 – Dry Cleaner
D-3575 Billiards Set Up       D-3575 – Billiards Set Up
D-4151 Drill Outline       D-4151 – Drill Outline


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