Ultimate Reference for Decorating Sports Uniforms

For 2018 we wanted to create the definitive catalog for sports team decoration with heat transfer vinyl. We have taken what worked with our old Team Decorator Catalog and built upon it. With over 40 full-color pages, packed with information, we have all your bases covered.

Your Playbook for Customizing Uniforms now contains:

  • Sport-by-sport coverage ‒ with recommended number styles, materials, and placement.
  • An in-depth dive into material selection ‒ You can rely on this guide to help you choose the right material for the job, every time.
  • An overview of all the services Stahls’ offers ‒ These services are designed to save you time, give you options, and give you an edge on the competition.
  • Equipment and tools ‒ A comprehensive list of tools and heat printing equipment sure to deliver a win.
  • Get This Look prompts and instructions ‒ Fresh and exciting looks, and how to achieve them.

This Team Decorator is the most complete catalog for team decoration we’ve released. We hope it becomes a tool for you to be inspired and informed. Download today!

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Reference for Decorating Sports Uniforms”

  1. I like how you said to consider numbers and styles. My husband is wanting to design a team uniform for his baseball team. I’ll pass this information along to him once he finds a screen printing service.

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