Stahls’ – Just Like Santa’s Little Helper

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing
With Christmas just a few days away, Santa and his elves are, to quote Harry Connick, Jr.’s The Happy Elf, “working overtime to make ’em happy.” You can certainly relate – whether it’s baseball and softball teams looking for uniform customization in the spring or a corporation needing T-shirts for the company picnic in the summer, you’ve found yourself swamped with work and wishing you had some helper elves.

Next time you’re overloaded, there’s no need to panic (or wish for elves) – Stahls’ has got you covered.  With our Digital Decorating Services, all you need to do is submit your design, then send us your blank merchandise. We decorate the items for you and ship them to you or your customer. No muss, no fuss, no pointy-eared elves needed.

So next time you’re overwhelmed, take a page from Santa’s playbook and get some help from the heat printing experts at Stahls’.

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