STAHLS' Ambassador Justin Coats

Q + A with STAHLS’ Brand Ambassador Justin Coats

Through constant innovation, spirited entrepreneurs take their business to new heights and build the culture that is behind STAHLS’. To help share our mission, we established the STAHLS’ Brand Ambassador program that’s built by heat printers for heat printers to spread insight from industry innovators. STAHLS’ Brand Ambassadors are constantly finding creative ways to use our products to take their apparel decorating the next level, and we’re grateful they’re here to share their wisdom with fellow heat printers!

We are so excited to introduce the one of our brand ambassadors, Justin Coats of Rox City Apparel! We got to interview Justin and ask him all about his business to learn how he found decorating niche. Check out Justin’s interview below!

How did you get started?  

Rox City Apparel actually started as part-time fun with an old friend from high school, wanting to print our own ideas and local fads with the purchase of a DTG Printer.

How did you decide to use STAHLS’?

Their team of knowledge, guidance, customer support, and high-quality products made my decision a no brainer.

What heat press did you start with?

Haha! Actually started with one of those 15×15 Amazon presses but when the DTG Printer was purchased it came with a GeoKnight DK20A.

Besides a heat press, do you own any other equipment? 

Roland BN-20, (2) Single-Head 15-Needle Embroidery Machines, DTG Printer, Sublimation Printer, Vinyl Cutter, Small Laser Engraver.

Tell us about your first order.

My first order with STAHLS’ was stacking up on samples & swatches, followed by the purchase of the 360IQ® Cap Press.

Tell us about some of the things you did to help your business grow?

Taking risks with business specific samples/products and utilizing local school athletics with gear & custom options that they had never considered.

Q+A with STAHLS' Brand Ambassador shoe decoration

Would you have done anything differently?

There have surely been many battles, but I can’t think of anything specific I would change as everything in the past becomes a learning experience to better the future.

Do you have any employees?  Do you ever enlist the help of friends/family?

No full-time employees. When [friends and family] slide by the shop I always give them a lil’ something to do before they leave….Haha!

What has been your biggest order?

My largest order to be completed in a single run was 3,600 Richardson 112’s with two locations on each cap.

How did you get it?

I had provided marketing and one of the owners of the company with a few products marketing FlexStyle® with their company logo.

Q+A with STAHLS' Brand Ambassador hat decoration with FlexStyle®

What is your favorite product?

FlexStyle® has always been a favorite. Other favorites include CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™ and GORILLA GRIP® II, and CAD-COLOR® SuperTEK® Opaque and Solutions® Mask.

What do you do to promote and market your business?

From adding that RXC Decal on the brim of every cap that leaves my shop to sponsorships & donations to teams & school raffles, are a few marketing things I take the time to do. All in all, I strive for my work to sell itself. My customers are my advertisement. Social media and “word of mouth” have always been my business card. Thinking outside of the box and showing my business customers that their business and apparel is more than just something to wear on the job, it’s their brand!

Image of STAHLS' brand ambassador Justin Coats

What is your favorite part of selling custom apparel?

The final product!

What are your future goals?

Equipment upgrades to increase production and other equipment purchases to expand to more custom product options. Some trained assistance to keep production rolling isn’t a bad goal either!

We also interviewed another STAHLS’ brand ambassador, Trevor Murphy from Anhyzer Designs. Learn how his Disc Golf hobby led him to operating a successful heat printing business. Check out the video interview with Trevor below!

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