Introducing ALL NEW Print Stitch Patches

Introducing ALL NEW Print Stitch Patches

Custom emblems and patches have quickly become the hottest decorating trend on the market, and with the Hotronix® 360 IQ Hat Press, creating dimensional apparel has never been easier! We’re so excited to announce another trending transfer option, our ALL-NEW Print Stitch Patches!

Print Stitch patches are the perfect choice patch for creating premium, professional-looking apparel and hard goods. By combining sublimation with embroidered stitching, you can bring full-color designs to life, including those with shading and gradients. And forget the threads and needles, all it takes is a heat press!

Print Stitch Patches feature the crisp details and small lettering of sublimation paired with the texture and dimension of traditional embroidery. The finish is a dual decoration effect in just one patch! Check out the video below from one of the STAHLS’ Brand Ambassadors’, Brandi Franken! She was able to provide her customer another option simply by switching from an Embroidered Patch that couldn’t capture all the tiny details of her design to the ALL-NEW Print Stitch Patch!

Custom Print Stitch Patch Features:

  • Sublimation & Embroidery hybrid
  • Ideal for multi-color designs with shading & gradients
  • Provides a high-end, professional look in any market
  • Pressure sensitive (sticker) or heat applied

Perfect for hats, bags, and outerwear, Print Stitch patches are quickly becoming a fan-favorite STAHLS’ product. Start offering your customers high-value, premium apparel and get started today! Ready to try some yourself? Order our Embroidered & Fabric Patches Sample Pack to see all the patch options you have with STAHLS’.

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