Tag Along HP Platen

Introducing Our Newest Specialty Platen

Want to offer tagless T-shirt labels to your customers, but fear it’s too time consuming? Guess again! Introducing the newest specialty platen to our lineup, the Tag Along™ HP Platen. This patented design by Livingston Systems allows you to heat apply two applications at the same time, generating better efficiency and more profits. This new, innovative platen saves your business time with its easy-to-load method. Let’s learn exactly how to load your garment properly and ensure accuracy in the video below.

Features & Benefits

Effortlessly print full fronts and tagless transfers at once

Compatibility matters! This specialty platen MUST be used with a threadable heat press. Compatible with: 16″ x 20″ Maxx Clam and Hotronix® 16″ x 20″ Auto Clam, Hover Press, Fusion IQ®, Table Top Air Fusion IQ®, Air Fusion IQ®, and Dual Air Fusion IQ®.

Innovative design helps load shirts straight. Take the guesswork out of lining things up properly.

We’ve got you covered with full front designs. Enjoy this 16″ x 15″ full front print area.

Create tagless logos with custom branding using the 3.25″ x 3.25″ tag print area.

Lastly, if you are curious to learn more about the other specialty platens we offer, be sure to check out a previous post on some of our interchangeable platens. Knowing the importance of why you would want to use different sized platens for various jobs comes in handy when making your next purchase.

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