46 Social Media Content Ideas & Time-Saving Tips for Heat Printers

Our STAHLS’ Facebook group connects heat printers from all around the world. One thing we constantly hear from members is, “I don’t have time to post on social media, let alone know what to post.” Believe us, we understand. Running a business while tackling a million other things can seem impossible, but we’re here to help you save some time and give you ideas for future posts.

First, set aside about 45 minutes per week to create a bunch of posts all at once. From there, schedule them out for your business pages using a scheduler, like the Meta Business Suite. This will free up your time during the week, so you don’t have to figure out what you’re going to post on the fly. It will also give you more time to have conversations with your followers and potential customers who are commenting on your posts.

Next, re-sharing is key! Re-share your posts every couple of weeks at various times—if they’re still relevant, they’re still very beneficial! With algorithms today, you can’t assume all your followers have seen the posts you’ve shared at the times you’ve shared them. Bonusyou don’t have to create anything new. Double bonus – if you share on your personal page from your business page, you’ll expand your reach even further.

Food for Thought

Most importantly, something to keep in mind when posting anything on social media is to post things that resonate with your followers and potential customers. It’s ok to post about your products, but try not to be selling all the time. When people browse social media, most of their intended scrolls are to have fun and catch up with family and friends. As a result, they don’t want to be sold to all the time. For example, at STAHLS’ we use an 80-20 split on our channels; 80% of our posts are educational, fun, thoughtful, and entertaining, and 20% are promotional.

46 Social Media Content Ideas

1. Photos and videos of finished products24. Show ideas for future products and ask followers if they love them
2. Photos and videos of the process of making your products25. Share how you give back to the community
3. Photos and videos of you or your team packing an order26. Customer favorites
4. Ask customers to share photos of them wearing your products27. Ask your followers/potential clients questions that will help you to get to know them. Ex: Coffee or Tea?, Favorite movie of all time
5. Re-posting happy customers wearing your products28. Yes or no questions – Ex: Like this color? Yes or No
6. Where they can purchase your products29. Share a contest and how they can win
7. Ask for opinions – this or that design?30. Your favorite quotes
8. Post about new products coming out31. Ask for their favorite quotes and share those
9. Why do people love your products32. Facebook & Instagram Stories – share behind-the-scenes, poll your audience, ask questions, etc.
10. Testimonials from your current customers33. Fill-in-the-blank questions
11. Three ways to use, wear, gift your products34. What to expect from purchase to delivery from your business
12. FAQs about your brand35. How to gift your products for special occasions and holidays
13. Where you will be in person for trade shows or events 36. Perfect gift idea for “x” person
14. Giveaways37. Perfect gift idea for “x” holiday
15. Flash sales38. Behind-the-scenes featuring your day-to-day life in the midst of running your business
16. Share fails, disasters, mistakes, etc. to show vulnerability39. What’s your favorite product and why
17. Share useful tips that resonate with your customers40. The coolest thing that’s happened in my business so far
18. Then vs. now of your products41. Holiday traditions in the office or home
19. Features of stores that carry your products42. Ask their favorite beverage for the season
20. Where I get my inspiration43. Share a funny story about you or your business
21. Show colors available to choose from44. Prep customers for cutoff and deadlines to place orders for holidays or events
22. Show fonts available to choose from45. Show development of new holiday products and have customers vote it into the collection
23. Ask which color T-shirt is their favorite46. Share interesting posts from other pages that will help your customers; articles, local news stories – keep it uplifting & helpful

Did you know?

A Facebook video receives 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo. Use video to get more views for your content.

Reminders & Tips

Above all, the more engagement (likes, comments, shares, saves) you receive on your posts, the more your posts will be shared in your followers’ newsfeeds. Respond to comments and questions on each post. Ask follow-up questions. Ask your audience what you want them to do with your social media content.

Want Them To:

  • Comment? – Ask them.
  • Share?– Ask them.
  • Save your post? – Ask them

Lastly, to learn more about social media content ideas, check out our free Social Media For Your T-Shirt Business e-book today!

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