We’ll Help You Market & Sell Personalized Apparel with this Video

Helping You Sell & Market Personalized Apparel Online

This week’s Tip Jar tutorial is a little different.  Recently, we received a comment on my blog, JoshEllsworth.com and also a separate comment from a different business on Ted Stahl’s blog, TedStahl.com

Now, we’re always asking for your comments so you can be sure when we get a great suggestion we listen!

Just over 2 weeks ago we published a video that takes you on a tour through our special effect heat transfer vinyl line up.  The video was created with the intent of showing you the options you can buy from us so you can see at a glance what we have to offer.  We just launched tons of new effects for decorating with a heat press and a vinyl cutter.  A couple of business owners spoke up and commented, asking if we could make a version of this that you can use?


Why not?

We went back into our editing software.  Removed our branding.  Set up a special YouTube Channel.  Added new voice over and BAM!!!  Now you have a video to generate buzz and sales with our heat applied films.

This is our early Christmas gift to you!!!

What should you do now?

  1. Watch the video (if you haven’t already) so you understand the options being presented.
  2. If you wish to market these options to your customers…view the video on YouTube and either copy the URL or the Embed Code to your Facebook Fan Page, Website, Blog, Email List or wherever you want to use it.
  3. Be sure to cross reference the decorating finishes with our film names available in your version of the video.  You may want to request swatch books of the various effects so you can show customers the actual color choices.

To make things ultra simple…

Here is the video URL where you can find the embed code: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSbPKivrJyM

Please, please, please give us your feedback in the comments section below!  We want to know if this is helping you to generate sales!

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15 thoughts on “We’ll Help You Market & Sell Personalized Apparel with this Video”

  1. Josh~

    Thanks for putting this together for us to use. It is an awesome idea and really shows our clients some of the possibilities we can do for customizing items of their choosing.

    Thanks again!

    Tina K.
    Embroidery Gals

  2. Thanks Josh for taking the suggestion that I requested and making it a reality. The video looks and sounds great.
    I already posted it on our website. Now we are just waiting for the phone to start ringing:)
    P.S. Tell Ted to show us some love. 🙂
    Tony & Louise

  3. I agree, Josh, great idea. Now I just have to be able to offer all of the possibilities, like SuperFilm. I was so pumped…..until the end of the video! Thanks though!

    Ontario, Canada

  4. Thank you josh!! We have an old US cutter.. would it be able to cut all these films?? Also wondering why Colleen was PUMPED… until the end of the video?? 🙂 I thought it was great!
    Thanks again..:-)

  5. Thanks for the comments! The US Cutter should do fine with all of these.

    She was pumped because she can sell all of the effects to her customers but the Super Soft H2O finish at the end of the video. This product is not available through our Canadian division…

    @Colleen – following up on this for you and we are going to make it happen in the near future.

  6. Fantastic idea! We sell more, you sell more, and we’re both happy. Keep up the good work.

  7. Josh, once again, this rules in my book! Another tool to scare the competition…lol…I bow to the life size poster that is you Josh! LOL

  8. I had watched the video on Teds Blog and said to myself, how can I edti out all the Stahls references? So I posted the question, and the next time I was back- it was already done. You guys rock. Already on our site. Now I can direct callers to the video. Much better than trying to explain the styles over the phone! Josh, you should do more of these, generic ads. Even if your in them.LOL. Thanks again.

    ps do you have a time frame on the H2O coming across the border to Ontario?


  9. Just wanted to add that, I have been going through the tip jar here. Good stuff Josh. I am cutting 36 diferent nicknames out right now for a client. Watching your video of cutting down on waste is helping. I am using up every square inch of my rolls now. Thanks.

    ps , been trying out the cadworxlive , I need someone from tech to get back to me.

  10. I posted the video to my facebook page and website over the weekend. And I have already received positive comments. People are excited about the possibilities.
    Great job, thanks!

  11. I think this video is terrific! Starting as just a small embroidery biz, I’ve found that vinyl work has become one of my primary products sold. Having said that, I’m still very small and limited on funds. Is there a way to get a sample pack so I can try out each of these decorations types firsthand before offering them to my customers? Thanks!

  12. This is great! I’m going to post it everywhere our customers might find it. I would love to see more of these in the future as well. Maybe a video to market to corporations with more professional apparel for examples? I wonder if there is any way to make the video a little shorter, around 2 minutes perhaps?

    Thanks again for this wonderful resource. We love Stahls 🙂

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