Choosing between heat printing and screen printing

Screen Printing or Heat Transfers – Which do I need?

Comparing screen printing to creating heat press transfers with a vinyl cutter.

If making money is the goal, shouldn’t producing garments in the most profitable way be a rule?

So then, why do some screen printers reject heat transfers?  Why do some heat press shops reject screen printing?

Does it really need to be one or the other?

In this weeks tip jar you’ll learn exactly why heat transfers (particularly heat transfer film) and screen printing should both be at your disposal.  If you’re lucky enough to have the space and expertise, you  may have both decorating techniques in house.  If not, then you better have access to both.  Otherwise you could be throwing away profit on every single job.

Before watching the video, think about these questions…

Do you really want to turn customers away for low quantity orders and risk losing them for good?

What happens when the customer comes back for one more piece?

What happens when a customer wants 1000 shirts?  Are you going to tell them no?

What happens when they want 1000 with a different name on each?

Isn’t a minimum quantity order a thing of the past?

Should the words “we don’t do screen printing” ever be uttered in your shop?

Ponder these questions, watch the video and leave a comment on what technology you think makes an ideal shop –

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2 thoughts on “Screen Printing or Heat Transfers – Which do I need?”

  1. Once you factor in the labour with the weeding it usually works out that 26 units is the best for cad cut.

    Saying that we have a corporate client that orders 3000 units a time with the Stahls gloss silver vinyl and another for 2000 units a time using the stahls print and cut vinyl.

    Yep we heat press those orders.

    I have a cotton t-shirt that is 6 years old with cut vinyl design that I wear almost weekly and its still great!

    Keep the tips coming.



  2. Hi Josh,

    Can you add another comparison with plastisol transfers….material, labor, etc? Using the same 2 color design as before, where does a service like using Transfer Express come in? Is using Transfer Express a cost, labor, or quantity option?


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