Sell Your Store – and Your Merchandise

By Peggy Elliott, Marketing

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or do your business online, presentation is an important factor in helping to boost sales. A T-shirt featuring a sharp design in a special effect heat transfer material might look great and be reasonably priced, but if it doesn’t catch the customer’s eye, it won’t sell. How you present your merchandise and services will go a long way toward convincing potential customers to become actual customers.

One of the best store displays I have ever seen was at a small boutique in Northeast Michigan. The Fusion Boutique in Tawas  is a fresh and fun place to shop. Admittedly, I have not been there in a year and a half, but obviously, their display stayed with me.

Upon entering the store, you will see acrylic box-style shelving units. Each box showcases an ensemble of jewelry with a complementing nail polish color and usually a handbag or other accessory to go along with it.

The displays at Fusion “sold” me immediately. I didn’t have to make a decision to purchase, it was already done. When you put together your next store display or make changes to your website, consider your customers and your product line. Pair things up that might work well together or pair items together by color, who might be interested, etc.

The easier you make the buying process, including the decision to buy from you, the faster you will have profits in your pocket.

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