NBA replica jerseys at Stahls' DFC

The Name Game at STAHLS’

Heat transfer vinyl. Heat press machines and accessories. These are the things that probably come to mind when you think of STAHLS’.

Now, when you hear NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA does STAHLS’ come to mind? Well it should! There are only a handful of companies that are licensed providers for the four major sports leagues in North America, and Stahls’ is one of them.

In Masontown, Pennsylvania, you’ll find STAHLS’ DFC, a decorating fulfillment center. This is where replica jerseys for your favorite teams and players are made. Whether it’s on-site or online, STAHLS’ manufactures and distributes these jerseys to sporting goods stores, sports venues, and team stores.

If you’re a football fan, chances are you follow the NFL Draft. Did you know that STAHLS’ plays a role in the Draft? Backstage you’ll find us heat printing the names of draft picks on the backs of team jerseys. How cool is that??

So the next time you’re at a professional football, baseball, basketball, or hockey game take a look around to appreciate all the fan jerseys. And that’ll give you another thing that will come to mind when you think of STAHLS’, aside from superior heat transfer vinyl and innovative heat presses, of course.

Check out this great article that goes more in-depth about what the STAHLS’ DFC facility does in Pennsylvania.

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