Putting the Pizza in Pizzazz

By Matt DeLaere, Marketing

[Image from http://www.pizzaprints.com]

The button stuck to my cubicle wall says, “I [heart] All Things Heat Printing,” so it should come as no surprise that I’m a fan of decorated T-shirts. I have shirts celebrating pretty much every event my fraternity was part of, my favorite sports teams, my favorite bands, and even stuff I don’t necessarily like, but got for free. Sometimes, though, I look at my favorite T-shirts and something’s missing – specifically, my lunch. At times like those, I just wish I could eat my favorite T-shirts.

Well, now I can – sort of – with Pizza Prints™ designs. These edible images take party snacks to the next level (and possibly beyond), allowing you to offer truly themed food. The edible graphic is applied after the pizza has been cooked and sliced, and merges right into the cheese on top. From children’s TV characters to professional wrestlers to NFL teams, Pizza Prints allow you to snack on adorable animated faces or the logo of your favorite team.

And they’re taking the internet by storm. Granted, most of the user comments you’ll find are pretty snarky (just like every other comment you see on the internet), but there’s certainly a buzz growing. Some find it crass marketing while others see it as a good idea, but they all, to paraphrase the old expression, say whatever they want while spelling the name right. There do seem to be quite a few people who think that this the worst product ever offered, but I tend to think they’re overreacting a bit – watch TV late at night and you’ll see far, far worse.

I’ll admit, the prospect of biting into a piece of pizza while a big, sweaty wrestler stares back doesn’t seem at all appealing to me, but I doubt that I’m the target demographic.  I’m also not fond of digging into a birthday cake covered with the birthday boy or girl’s face, and not surprisingly, it was in this idea that Pizza Prints began. Lucks Food Decorating Company makes Edible Image® cake toppings; graphic pizza toppings were simply the logical next step.

To be completely honest, despite all the internet expressions of horror at the concept, I’m surprised nobody thought of it before. I’d put them on the same level as the “as seen on TV” little tools that help you put your hair in a ponytail – probably not something I’ll ever use, but not a bad idea.

Garment and promotional decoration has come a long way. With CAD-PRINTZ™ full color digital transfers, you can apply just about any image to shirts, jackets, wallets, bottles – you name it. Now it seems that food decoration is following suit. Maybe Pizza Prints will become the CAD-PRINTZ of the fast food world. At least Lucks hopes so.

What do you think of them?


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