Even a Heat Press Needs to Warm Up

By Matt DeLaere, Marketing

[Image from http://www.gitomer.com]

Several years ago I complained to my dad about not knowing how to build a cabinet (or bookcase, or some other feat of woodworking). He said something like, “You have to learn how to do these things. No one was born knowing how to build a house.” I was reminded of this exchange by a recent post on SalesBlog.

The writer of SalesBlog, Jeffrey Gitomer, is a business author and speaker, with nine New York Times best sellers to his credit. His latest post, “Every Great Salesperson Was Once a Beginner,” raises points that extend beyond sales.

Gitomer points out that everyone who is at the top of his or her respective profession, whether it’s Alex Rodriguez or Bill Gates, had to start somewhere. And while we often can’t imagine how these people became so successful, Gitomer gives insights into how he became successful, such as being a “constant student,” always providing value, and performing consistently. These traits are valuable not just in sales, but in every business, even garment decoration and sign making.

Even the most experienced heat printer started out with just a heat press and an idea. It’s what they did after that which determined their level of success. Passion, dedication, and performance are equally important whether you and your business are in the beginning stages or are already established. Quality service and a quality product not only help build fledgling businesses; they keep established ones growing.

Knowing about your industry, such as what options are available to your customers and how you can expand your client list, is also just as important for veterans as it is for beginners. The  Help and Education section of our website can offer some insight, as can industry magazines, online forums (such as T-Shirt Forums), and organizations. Studying the competition can be helpful, too, ensuring that you aren’t left behind as they capitalize on the latest trends and innovations.

So check out Gitomer’s blog. Even though you might not directly be involved in sales, it can help you gain valuable insight into how to improve yourself and your company.

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